Ray of Hope updated. June 3, 2016.

The music from this website is still in storage gathering dust.

Maybe ideas, for getting the music stream back online, have come and gone. Setting up as a non-profit would've been nice, but in an effort to keep expenses down I was only planning four hours a day of music programming.

With little revenue that would be coming in I would have a lot of money that would be flowing out. There is no place on the Internet for this music.

I was a Small Broadcaster and Small Broadcasters are no longer welcome. The licensing people were "not making any money from us." The Small Broadcasters were paying fees for playing music, but in the minds of the licensing people we were not paying enough.

The big music operations on the Internet have ways of making money. I do not have that capability.

Please keep checking back for more information. Thank you very much.

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